Posted on: October 1, 2010 5:57 pm

Will King Felix win the Cy Young?

Is Felix Hernandez going to win the Cy Young award this year?  I think it is a good question to debate. He is probably the best pitcher in the American league, but does not have the wins to show how dominating he is this year. He has over 30 quality starts this year and 9 out of his 12 losses the Mariners have scored 1 run or less. He has the worst run support in the league because the Mariners have one of the worst offensive teams in MLB history. King Felix could have over 20 wins if he was on a better team. Don't get me wrong I want him stay with Seattle for his whole career, but come on these guys have to score runs for him or get rid of all of them. I also put some of the blame on the GM, what is his name any way, I know it starts with a Z. Where did this guy come from? He has made some bonehead moves. For example, Eric Bedard, Milton Bradley, Casey Kocthman, Chone Figgins, and i think it was still a bad idea to trade Cliff Lee to Texas. Mr. Z needs to be fired! NOW! Well, I hope he does win the Cy Young.
Posted on: August 22, 2010 6:20 pm

End of an Era

  It was supposed to come to an end at the end of the season. But sweet Lou has decided to retire after today's game. He is great man and a very good manager. I am grateful that he was the manager for my favorite team, Seattle Mariners. He brought the Mariners out of the depth of the baseball world and into a winning team. He was one of the peices that saved baseball in Seattle. I will never forget the 2001 season when the Mariners won 116 games. I remember when the M's were among the team league leaders in Home runs. I remeber sitting in the stands of Safeco watching Ichiro hit a home run into the left field stands and seeing the fans cheer with excitement. I remember watching Sweet Lou give the the umpire an ear full, kick some dirt on the umpire, throw his hat or throw a base into the outfield. He had a passion for the game and you could tell that he had a genuine concern about the players. And he wanted to win and he was willing to do what ever it took to win. Thank you Lou.
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Posted on: December 4, 2009 6:56 pm


       I love the rivalry games in college football, especially in the Northwest. The Apple cup was a blow out this year, but it usually is a close game. This year Washington Huskies wiped the field with the Washington State Cougars, 30-0. Locker and company played good, but not great. The cougars are just a really bad team.
        The Civil War game between Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers was an excellent game. My opinoin it was the second best college football game I saw this year. Of course Washington Huskies beating the USC trojans was the best game I have seen this year. I enjoyed every minute of the Civil War game last night. Oregon with those bright pee yellow helmets and the ever changing uniforms of the Ducks. Which brings me to the question of the day, How many different uniform combinations does the Ducks have? I was rooting for the Beavers to win, but they held the Rogers brothers in check for most of the game. Quizz and James made a few good plays but it was not enough to help them pull it out in the end.
         On a slightly different note, but staying in the Pac-10. I really hope that Stanford's Toby Gerhart wins the Heisman.
Posted on: November 22, 2009 7:36 pm

Sunday Sports thoughts

    My Seahawks did not play good today against the 9-1 Minnesota Vikings. 35-9 it wasn't even close. How the Hawks score 9 points, It's a miracle. Hasselbeck was 19 for 26 with 231 yards and a int. Justin Forsett had 9 carries for 9 yards and a td.Forsett did have 8 catches for 80 yards.Nate Burleson had 100 yards receiving, but the player of the game for the Seahawks is David Hawthorne who had 11 tackles and 4 assists. But I have to give the Vikings a lot of praise for the beat down they put on the Seahawks. Farve was on fire with 22 for 25 with 4 td's. That 40 year old QB has been very good this year. I hope he retires soon!
    Around the rest of the league there is a few surprises today. KC beat Pittsburgh 27-24 in ot, that's awesome! I like it when Pittsburgh loses. Detroit beats Cleveland in a shootout, yes a shootout, 38-37. It's a amazing Cleveland scored a td! How long has it been since Cleveland scored a offensive td. Then there is a thriller in Dallas! 7-6 Cowboy Win! That must of been an exciting game, boring. Oh yea, Indy and New Orleans win again, 10-0. These two undefeated teams are on a collision course for the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning will be the league MVP he is having a great year.
Now to College Football, The Pac-10 gets more interesting every week. Oregon and Oregon State will play for the right to go to the Rose Bowl. Oregon is the better team but they might drop an egg against the Beavers. I personally think Stanford is the best team in the Pac-10, but that loss to Cal really hurt their chances for the Rose Bowl. Florida and Texas roll to impressive victories and will probably meet in the BCS Championship game.
     Two final notes to close this blog entry, I just saw the Raiders beat Cincinnati on a field goal by Seabass Janikowski. And Jimmie Johnson won his fourth straight cup title. Where did Kasey Kahne, my favorite driver finish in the Sprint Cup final standings?
Posted on: November 6, 2009 7:15 pm


   What is worse Brandon Spikes eye gouging or Elizabeth Lambert pulling hair, kicking, and punching?
Florida Gators linebacker,Brandon Spikes, has been suspended for gouging the opponents eyes during last week's game. The team had suspended him for half the game, then Spikes self-imposed a full game suspension.  Then there is Elizabeth Lambert with the smackdown on the BYU women's soccer team. She can kick, hit, pull hair, run her opponents over and throw elbows with the best of the them. Sign her up for WWE! New Mexico quickly suspended her indefinitely for her actions during the 1-0 loss to BYU.

The actions of both of these collegiate athletes show very poor sportsmanship and they both said they regret what they did. Even though they apologized for their actions, there will be more unsportsmanship in all sports. In the heat of the moment or when things get a little physical and emotions run high athletes are going to go to far in punishing their opponents. I know how they feel, I was mad that i was passed during a 1600 meter race and stepped on my opponents heels with my spikes. He wouldn't get out my way when i tried to pass him. Yes, it was wrong. Poor sportsmanship! I won the race but apologized after my coach chewed me and I realized I was wrong for stepping on him. 

Sportsmanship is not only for athletes but for fans as well. Unsportsmanship conduct is a big problem with the fans at many sports events. To stop this rude behavior, it needs to start with us, the fans.  
Posted on: November 6, 2009 6:09 pm
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If I had a payroll of $201,449,289 for the 2009 MLB season I could win a World Series. I know money is not everything, but it helps you get top of line talent. Do I hate the Yankees, maybe i am jealous becuase my Mariners have not won 27 championships. I would be happy with 1 championship. The Mariners do like to spend money on players like Richie Sexson and Carlos Silva, just to name a few. Sexson had 1 good year of hitting the ball out of the park or striking out. Then all he could do was strike out after that 1 decent year. Carlos has been horrible! Enough about the Mariners, who by the way had a payroll of $98,904,167. The 10th highest payroll in MLB in 2009 season.
    Here are some payrolls that i thought was worth noting. The 2nd highest payroll in 2009 is the Mets with $135,773,988. Uhh, did the Mets make the playoffs? NO HaHa! The Twins had a payroll of $65,299,269 in 2009 and yes made the playoffs. Maybe it using the talent that you have at their peak potential to win. The lowest payroll in MLB was the Florida Marlins with $36,814,000. Let's compare that to the highest paid player in MLB, Alex Rodriquez,( an A-bomb from A-rod). A-rod makes $33,000,000 a year, that's a difference of 3,814,000 between the highest paid player and the lowest payroll in the league.
    Go to and you can look at all team salaries as well as the top 25 paid players in MLB.
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