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Will King Felix win the Cy Young?

Posted on: October 1, 2010 5:57 pm
Is Felix Hernandez going to win the Cy Young award this year?  I think it is a good question to debate. He is probably the best pitcher in the American league, but does not have the wins to show how dominating he is this year. He has over 30 quality starts this year and 9 out of his 12 losses the Mariners have scored 1 run or less. He has the worst run support in the league because the Mariners have one of the worst offensive teams in MLB history. King Felix could have over 20 wins if he was on a better team. Don't get me wrong I want him stay with Seattle for his whole career, but come on these guys have to score runs for him or get rid of all of them. I also put some of the blame on the GM, what is his name any way, I know it starts with a Z. Where did this guy come from? He has made some bonehead moves. For example, Eric Bedard, Milton Bradley, Casey Kocthman, Chone Figgins, and i think it was still a bad idea to trade Cliff Lee to Texas. Mr. Z needs to be fired! NOW! Well, I hope he does win the Cy Young.
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